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Chesopeian Colony is an upper middle class neighborhood in Virginia Beach, Virginia, that began in the mid-1950's, and I was fortunate enough to have been one of its earliest residents.  After procrastinating for several years I finally began to research the beginnings of this new subdivision and the history of the area where it is located.  My work is focused on just the first few years of the Colony's development, but also as far back in the history of the land as time permits.  I have found that several weeks of research may yield only a few minutes of reading time on this blog, and there are many more things I should be doing rather than research.  Accordingly, my goal is to publish articles on a fairly regular basis -- but no more often than monthly, and, hopefully, no less often than semi-annually.  If you find my research interesting, then I recommend you sign up for email notification of new posts.

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Charlie Russ

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